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We achieve.

What We Do


From corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, public corporations, non-profit corporations, and pass-through entity status, to federal tax IDs/EINs, operating agreements, by-laws, board meetings and membership, stocks, corporate resolutions, banking, registering your new business, changing your registration, or simply operating your business, keeping it up to professional standards can be a daunting task (especially considering the many complex state and federal regulations that apply to businesses).

At JD James & Associates PC we have the skills to assist diverse business needs, serving local and transnational businesses with attention to detail and vision.

Starting Out

We are happy to advise you as to the form of your business and the associated outcomes with respect to taxation, banking, and compliance.


Our services include:


Business Entity Registration


Operating Agreements

Partnership Agreements

Stock Certificates

Business Entity Formation Type Change

Business Entity Reinstatement

Business Entity Dissolution

Partner Removal

Employee Agreements



There are various degrees of business success and many forms of business.  Whether you are a startup, a boutique operation, a large corporation, or seeking to grow through an acquisition or merger, there is at least one common ground.  Success is the sum of individual decisions made on a continuous basis.  Our business process and management consulting services are growth-focused, with particular attention to analytics, asset development, compliance, efficiency, knowledge management, skills evolution, process management, and risk management.

Our management/growth services include:

Asset Development

Asset Protection


Bankable Minimum Guarantees

Debt Financing



Risk Analysis

Business Process Improvement

Data Management/Analysis

Growth Strategy


Legal compliance is one of the most, if not the most, import concerns of successful businesses.  Navigating the compliance labyrinth can be a daunting task.  Failing to build an experienced and focused team to dedicate attention to compliance can lead to personal financial losses or imprisonment, in addition to a failed business.  Our aim is to allow you the ability to focus on your business and continue to do what makes you great while enjoying the reassurance of a premiere compliance team.

Our compliance services include:



Business Taxation

Business Formality


Fair Use




Dispute Resolution


Breakdowns in business can arise due to personal disputes, breach of contract, or many other occurrences, all of which require hardy representation.  We are ready to join this fight with you.

Our compliance services include:



Breach of Contract

Cease & Desist

Claims Defense

Copyright Infringement



Funds Recovery


Liquidated Damages

Trademark Infringement


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